Brian P. Gerhart

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Business Consultant,
Business, Financial, Executive, and Leadership Coach

National Speaker

Brian has spent his entire career working with individuals, non-profits, and businesses to achieve their goals, lower their expenses, and increase performance by setting and achieving the correct short and long-term goals. By coming at each situation with a unique approach, Brian has achieved extraordinary results for clients who have a desire to see real change in their business(es), organization, or life. Every client is different, and his or her individual situation and desired results are what drive the plan and the approach taken. The goal for each client is to see him or her achieve the goals that he or she want to accomplish.

Professional Experience

Brian has held many positions in his career life which include running companies and departments ranging from start-up to $3 billion in annual revenue. Brian has also worked and managed in general sales, technical sales, wholesale business to business (B2B), and business to consumer (B2C) environments. He is an experienced executive leader having held positions in general and operational management and business development. His titles include Chief Technology Officer, Chief Operating Officer, and Interim CEO. He has led multiple mergers, acquisitions, and assisted clients in buying other companies and selling their businesses. Brian has experience in building and running a technology-based sales team, developing customers in high volume low margin environments, and producing sales by expanding territories, product lines, and customer offerings. He has helped clients lower their expenses, plan changes in operations and management, and develop and implement technology solutions, including hardware, network, accounting, ERP, and CRM systems. Brian has worked with and coached executives, leaders, and entrepreneurs in multiple areas, including business startup and formation, project and process development, and change design and implementation. His favorite area is working with new leaders and managers to help them assimilate into the challenges of their roles and to learn what it looks like to truly lead in their positions.


Brian speaks to business, civic, religious, non-profit, and for-profit organizations on a wide variety of topics, including technical, informational, and motivational topics. This is all tailored to the group's participants, audience, and goals.


Financial Coaching

Brian works individually and in conjunction with his wife, Elizabeth, coaching individuals and couples on their finances. They help clients who are in financial trouble, but they also help clients who are doing a good job with their money and want to take it to the next level. Brian works with clients who are trying to avoid filing bankruptcy by building a solid foundation and putting a plan together that allows them to build a solid future. Other clients work with Brian to review their current financial plan and look for opportunities that may or may not be available through their current options. Brian and Elizabeth are coordinators for the “Dave Ramsey – Financial Peace Classes” at their church, Community Bible Church, Marietta PA, and Brian is recognized by the Ramsey organization as a Certified Financial Master Coach®. 


Why he does coaching

Brian’s career is as varied as the individuals and businesses he works with. He found that he loved coaching small and medium-sized businesses by helping friends with their businesses. Brian currently works with small and medium-sized businesses coaching them in marketing, sales training, social media, technology design and utilization, logistics design, change, transition management, and small business startups. Experience has shown him the key difference between good companies and great ones is the focus and intentionality in seeking constant improvement.



Brian lives near Lancaster, Pennsylvania with his wife, Elizabeth, and children Nathan and Lauren. Brian and his family are active in Community Bible Church which is located in Marietta, Pennsylvania. Brian has served on the board of multiple industry and civic organizations, and he currently serves on the board for multiple private companies, Lancaster Bible College and for the Marriage Hub - House on the Rock Family Ministries.


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