WHY:   We want to see every business, leader, family, and individual reach their goals. We believe that by helping others grow, prosper, and achieve more we are helping to improve not just our clients’ lives but the local community and country.

We love entrepreneurs, family businesses, and small and mid-sized privately held companies. We know the impact that companies and their leaders have on their people, their communities, and their local economies. We know what it is like to work every day to achieve your goals, to support your family, and support the families that rely on your business to be there now and in the future. We are dedicated to the success of our clients and to helping them grow today and in the future.

The word Sofus translates as “wisdom” from ancient Greek. The Sofus Group is dedicated to providing wisdom and guidance to small and medium-sized businesses, individuals, and families.

HOW: Navigation is the key to understanding where you are, where you want to go, and how to chart a course to get you there. At different points along the way, the road may get dark, the path may be unclear, or the destination becomes out of focus. At these points, a guide is instrumental in helping you stay the course and reveal paths through and around obstacles. 


We recognize that each business and person are as unique as the journey. Seeking wisdom from different guides along the course can help you achieve the goals you wish to accomplish and can get you to your desired destination. 


WHAT: At the Sofus Group, we take a unique approach by offering specific, targeted, and focused guidance in the areas that you need to attain your goals and achieve success. Sofus Group has a network of highly skilled and experienced experts who can speak into individual situations and projects to help answer questions or provide support and execution of a plan. By bringing the right guidance to bear on a situation, our clients can get further down the road of life and achieve their goals. They may only need some coaching on a particular skill, some mentoring, or a guide to walk with them through a difficult stretch of road, and with our resources and expertise, we can help them through it.  

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Brian P. Gerhart

Brian has spent his entire career working with individuals, non-profits, and businesses to achieve their goals, lower their expenses, and increase performance by setting and achieving the correct short and long-term goals.

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Elizabeth "Beth" Gerhart

Elizabeth draws on her formal training in medicine, her years of experience in family practice, and emergency-room care to coach, mentor, and guide teens and adults in all of the transitions of life.

"Elizabeth and I started Sofus in 2014 with a desire to use our God-given gifts and abilities to help other people. It didn't start out as a business. I started out helping friends who owned businesses by taking them to the next level. Beth has always been a mentor and guide to others. She loves people and wants them to achieve the goals they set for themselves. We believe God has called us to help others and invest in them. We believe that we can walk alongside individuals and families to provide guidance, wisdom, and life experiences and then help them apply that information to their situations and lives." 


~ Brian Gerhart ~