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We offer coaching in several areas beneficial to business. Don't see what you're looking for? Contact us today for more information or to book your appointment. 

Small Business Startup

Do you have a hobby that you would like to try to turn into a business? Do your friends and family keep coming to you for help in one particular area? Are you doing what you love, but are you working for someone else?  Do you want to see what it would take to turn your talent into your own business working for yourself?


There has never been a better time than today to start your own business. The rise in entrepreneurship has never yielded a better opportunity than in the modern world. Access to information, social media marketing, and the ability to "bootstrap" a business has never been easier.


The key to success is starting off right. Most small businesses fail because they do not plan wisely.  The ability to provide great service to the customer is only part of the equation. The business needs to be set up and established properly. Sofus’ Small Business Coaches can help you think through, plan, and execute the startup of your business. Our goal is to ensure that the structure and systems are in place to help you succeed.

Sales & Marketing Optimization

Your company can have the best product, a great website, and superior logistics, but if your salespeople do not know how to close the deal or you are not able to convert web traffic to sales, your business will fail.  Most companies are great at providing a top-notch product, but they have a hard time explaining the benefits to their customers and converting leads to orders and orders to revenue. By focusing on a sales process, companies can get the entire company on a plan so that contacts get a consistent message and receive the information they need to become customers.


The skills to take in leads and convert them through a sales process are skills that can be trained. Sofus Group will do an assessment of your current sales and marketing looking for the best optimization paths that work with your budget so you can achieve your goals. We will also work with your sales team to teach them the tools to talk to customers, tell your company's story, and walk customers through a sales process that builds loyalty and keeps customers coming back.

Marketing & Social Media

How do your customers know you are there?  The best product or service will only go so far. Your business needs to understand how your customers make decisions, why they buy what they buy, and why they choose what they do. Customers have their own perspectives that make them unique, yet collectively, they can function in completely different ways than they would individually. Social media, peer reviews, blogs, video testimonials, and online feedback have all changed the presence of purchasing power. Whether you are a brick-and-mortar company or an online entity, you need to leverage how your business interacts with existing customers while attracting new ones.


Marketing is teaching. Every business teaches its customers why its product is better than the competition and why the customer should want to do business with it. A business needs to understand how its customers learn and how they want to learn. Delivering the correct message, correctly, at the correct time, is a skill all businesses must master. Contact a Sofus Marketing coach to help construct the messages and methods best for you and your business.

Logistics Design

Big or small, your internal logistics are going to dictate the speed at which your company can operate and grow. The logistical flow of your systems is just as important as any other aspect of your business. Seamless communication must occur between all of the moving parts in your business or you will frustrate yourself, your employees, and your customers. By seeking to streamline your business logistics, you will see improvements in growth, profitability, customer service, and culture.


Sofus Logistics Design Coaches can help you and your team streamline all of the internal and external movements of your company including workflow, process design and implementation, and organizational streamlining.  Most importantly, we seek to ensure that your business is not spending additional time, energy, money, and resources on logistics that are not necessary.   


Sofus Coaches can help walk you through the process of creating a better environment that will lead to fewer frustrations for you, your team, and your customers.

Change Management

How do you shift gears? How do you make changes in your business? Have you made changes that you thought were going to get you ahead only to have it halt the progress you were making or even cause you to take a few steps back?

Change in any organization is tough; it affects all aspects of the business. Planning the change is just as important as making the change. Having your team members, suppliers, and customers ready for any transition will ensure success. New product lines, corporate reorganizations, mergers, acquisitions, refinance structures, and marketing programs all have a higher degree of success if you properly plan the implementation.


A Sofus Change Management coach can help you process ideas you may not have thought about. We can work with you to design a plan to implement your change as well as manage or help your team members accomplish the project.