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Having a map helps you get where you want to go.

A personal business, leadership, finance, or life coach gives you the expertise of someone who walked down that road before you. The destination is specific to you, and only you can decide where you want to go. However, a coach can help you get there by walking with you, helping you avoid the pitfalls, and speed up the journey toward your ultimate destination.

Business Coaching

Business Coaching

We offer coaching in several areas beneficial to business. Don't see what you're looking for? Contact us today for more information or to book your appointment. 


Small Business Startup

There has never been a better time than today to start your own business, but he key to success is starting off right. Most small businesses fail because they do not plan wisely. Sofus’ Small Business Coaches can help you think through, plan, and execute the startup of your business. 

Sales & Marketing Optimization

Your company can have the best product, website, or logistics, but if your salespeople can't close deals or you can't turn traffic into sales, your business will fail. Sofus Group will do an assessment of your current sales and marketing and work with your sales team to teach them how to bring in and build a loyal customer base. 

Marketing & Social Media

Marketing is teaching. Every business teaches its customers why its product is better than the competition. Delivering the correct message, correctly, at the correct time, is a skill all businesses must master. Contact a Sofus Marketing coach to help construct the messages and methods best for you and your business.

Logistics Design

Sofus Logistics Design Coaches can help you and your team streamline all of the internal and external movements of your company including workflow, process design and implementation, and organizational streamlining. We ensure that your business is not spending unnecessary time, energy, money, and resources on logistics.

Change Management

Change in any organization is tough; it affects all aspects of the business. A Sofus Change Management coach can help you process ideas you may not have thought about. We can work with you to design a plan to implement your change as well as manage or help your team members accomplish the project.

Financial Coaching

Financial Coaching

No one sets out to make financial mistakes. Most people want to do better managing their money but they may not know-how. Where do they start? How do they get organized? How do they know what to do and what not to do, and how do they set some goals in the first place?

Sofus Financial Coaches have life experience. We know what it is like to be scared and worried about being one unforeseen emergency away from disaster. Our coaches act as teachers and mentors; we won't do the work for you, but we will hasten the learning curve and help you establish realistic goals. We will give guidance and hold you accountable for your financial decisions. Part of changing your future is working the plan for yourself and realizing the sense of accomplishment that comes from seeing success. 


Phase 1

A no-cost initial 30-minute consultation is scheduled to meet the coach, discuss the client's financial goals and situation. The coach will explain the program, the requirements, payment terms, and the client packet.

Phase 2

  • Stabilize core expenses - food, housing, utilities, and transportation

  • Create a detailed plan focused on budgeting, debt reduction and setting and keeping financial goals

  • Saving a $1000 emergency fund to quickly stabilize new crises

  • Eliminating all  household debt outside of the mortgage, choosing the right insurance, and increasing emergency fund (three to six months' worth of household expenses)

Phase 3

  • Guidance on selecting the right investment advisor to allow you to put away 15% of the annual household income into retirement.

  • Create a college savings plan to help your children attend college debt-free

  • Pay off the home mortgage, the final big hurdle before financial freedom

Phase 4

Clients who follow the program and continue to make good decisions will build wealth. Your coach will schedule meetings twice a year or as needed to advise as situations present themselves and to help guide on investments and market conditions should you desire.

Leadership Coaching

Leadership & Executive Coaching


Executive coaching can have profound results for the individual and for an entire leadership team.

Executive and leadership coaching can be used to bring new managers and leaders up to speed in an organization and help them prepare for the challenges of leading others in the organization.


A coach can also be utilized by a board of directors to help facilitate communication on the board level or build unity around an organization's common core concepts.


An executive and leadership coach will be able to work with the individual or team to help both grow in the skills needed for better future results.

Scenario 1

A new leader is promoted in the organization who has the technical skills but needs help in the people and cultural sides of leadership.

Scenario 3

There is a concern by a board or CEO that one of the middle or upper managers is not where they would like them to be and need a seasoned leader to guide and direct their performance.

Scenario 2

A small business is growing and the leader is not sure how to make the transition from owner and day-to-day-worker to strategic leader working on the business and not in the business.

Scenario 4

The next generation has taken on the family business and struggles to make it their own while preserving the culture that was successful in the past.  


The road of life can be littered with detours, flat tires, and other unexpected circumstances. You may feel stuck in the slow lane while others are passing you by. You may lack focus or feel unable to make decisions and desire wisdom and direction for the future. You may struggle to feel connected to yourself and life. You are not alone.

Sofus Life Coaches are guides and mentors through times of uncertainty and transition. While not psychological therapists, our life experience and professional backgrounds allow us to uniquely help people who want to and have the ability to change. We can help you discover direction and encourage changes that will positively improve your life.

Life Coaching

When can a life coach help...

  • Identify your dreams and give support as you take steps to achieve your goals.

  • Act on your desire to better relationships with loved ones

  • Improve communication and listening skills to be more effective and influential with everyone in your life.

  • Establish realistic goals for the change you desire.

  • Increase clarity, focus, productivity, and achievements.

  • Reduce stress, integrate all aspects of your life, simplify or downshift, and re-orientate around what makes you the happiest. 

  • Move back into the workforce after an extended absence or transition from the workforce to staying at home with children or caring for a loved one.

  • Make a career transition or with the aftermath of losing a job.

  • Those in or exiting college or high school who lack direction and focus.

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