Executive Coaching

3 Gears

Executive coaching can have profound results for the individual and for an entire leadership team.  The typical format is one-on-one for a specific project, skill set, or time frame, but also can include working with a company's or organization's entire leadership team on an ongoing basis to help resolve problems or take the organization in a different direction over time.  A coach will be able to look at situations objectively and give guidance and instruction where it is best needed.  Executive and leadership coaching can be used to bring new mangers and leaders up to speed in an organization and help them prepare for the challenges of leading others in the organization.  A coach can also be utilized for a board of directors to help facilitate communication on the board level or build unity around an organization's common core concepts.  An executive and leadership coach will be able to work with the individual or team to help both grow in the skills needed for better future results.