Executive, Leadership, & Life Coaching

       The road of life is littered with detours, flat tires, and other unexpected circumstances. While others are passing you by, you may feel stuck in the slow lane.  You may lack focus or feel unable to make decisions and desire wisdom and direction for the future.  You may struggle to feel connected to yourself and life.  You are not alone.  People from every race, sex, economic background and walk of life can have these feelings.


      At different points in our lives and careers, we can get stuck.   Significant changes at home, work, church, and family all can cause stress, anxiety, and indecision.  These emotions can incapacitate and cause unhealthy thinking and attitudes and lead to poor decisions and outcomes.


     Sofus Executive and Life coaches are guides and mentors through times of uncertainty and transition.  While not psychological therapists, our life experience and professional backgrounds allow us to uniquely help people who want to and have the ability to change.  We can help you discover direction and encourage changes that will positively improve your life.

Executive and Leadership Coaching

  • New leaders and managers sometimes struggle to find a balance when they are now leading the people who used to be peers. A coach can help bring clarity to new roles and to give guidance on how to start and structure a new relationship and culture.

  • Leadership is a constant learning experience, having a sounding board and coach can help make the transition positive and speed up the learning curve to a positive and productive relationship with others in the company.

  • Facilitating change in an organization through management can be an excellent way to change the culture in an organization.  An executive leadership coach can work with a senior leader or leadership team to develop the skills and systems to bring about change in an individual, department, or entire company.

Executive and Leadership Coaching Scenarios

  • A new leader is promoted in the organization who has the technical skills but needs help in the people and culture sides of leadership.

  • A small business is growing and the leader is not sure how to make the transition from owner and day-to-day-worker to strategic leader working on the business and not in the business.

  • There is a concern by a board or CEO that one of the middle or upper managers is not where they would like them to be and need a seasoned leader to guide and direct their performance.

  • A leader is transferred or promoted to a new team and does not have the connection that they are used to having or the new team is not responding to the leader.  A coach can help assess the situation and suggest changes or skills to help align the leader and the team around a common vision and core principles.

  • The next generation has taken on the family business and struggles to make it their own while preserving the culture that was successful in the past.  A coach is able to walk with them through the transition and into the future working with the leader and company to find the balance between past and future.

Scenarios and Situations Where a Sofus Life Coach

Would be Helpful:


  • Identifying your dreams and having support as you take steps to achieve your goals.

  • Desiring better relationships with loved ones.

  • Improving communication and listening skills to be more effective and influential with everyone in your life.

  • Establishing realistic goals for change you desire.

  • Increasing clarity, focus, productivity, and achievements.

  • Reduce stress, integrating all aspects of your life, simplifying or downshifting, and re-orientating around what makes you the happiest. 

  • Transitioning from the workforce to staying at home with children or caring for a loved one.

  • Moving back into the workforce after an extended absence.

  • Making a career transition or losing a job.

  • Being in college but lacking focus.

  • Exiting college or high school and lacking direction.



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