Life Coaching


The road of life can be littered with detours, flat tires, and other unexpected circumstances. You may feel stuck in the slow lane while others are passing you by. You may lack focus or feel unable to make decisions and desire wisdom and direction for the future. You may struggle to feel connected to yourself and life. You are not alone. People from every race, sex, economic background, and walk of life can have these feelings.


At different points in our lives and careers, we can get stuck. Significant changes at home, work, church, and family all can cause stress, anxiety, and indecision. These emotions can incapacitate and cause unhealthy thinking and attitudes and lead to poor decisions and outcomes.

Sofus Life Coaches are guides and mentors through times of uncertainty and transition. While not psychological therapists, our life experience and professional backgrounds allow us to uniquely help people who want to and have the ability to change. We can help you discover direction and encourage changes that will positively improve your life.

When can a Life Coach Help . . . 
  • Identify your dreams and give support as you take steps to achieve your goals.

  • Act on your desire to better relationships with loved ones.

  • Improve communication and listening skills to be more effective and influential with everyone in your life.

  • Establish realistic goals for the change you desire.

  • Increase clarity, focus, productivity, and achievements.

  • Reduce stress, integrate all aspects of your life, simplify or downshift, and re-orientate around what makes you the happiest. 

  • Transition from the workforce to staying at home with children or caring for a loved one.

  • Move back into the workforce after an extended absence.

  • Make a career transition or with the aftermath of losing a job.

  • Those in college who lack focus.

  • Those exiting college or high school who lack direction.


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