Pricing, Supply, and Logistics


The petroleum market is changing minute by minute. The fast-paced supply and commodity-based pricing have created a market where distributors, jobbers, and end-users need to understand and take advantage of every opportunity in the supply chain. Specializing in midstream and downstream operations and logistics, Sofus Group will look at each area of your petroleum and renewable supply for better optimization and lower pricing which will bring more margin to your bottom line.

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All along the supply path, there are opportunities for Petroleum distributors, convenience store chains, grocery/gasoline retailers, and large end-users to take advantage of their supply and leverage those existing gallons for better supply and better pricing. Knowing where the opportunities are and how to take advantage of them, will give you the advantage of bringing a more efficient and cost-competitive product to market. A competitive price at the street provides more gallons and customers, and lower cost provides a better margin on those gallons.

Heating oil companies need to be able to differentiate their service in a commodity market and have the supply and logistics work as hard for you as you do for your customers. This will give you every advantage. Having a full understanding of not only current costs but potential cost savings and opportunities will give your company an advantage over the competition.

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Market Segments

  • Petroleum Distribution Companies

  • Multi-Unit Retail jobbers and Convenience store operators

  • Specialty Service, Fuel-on-demand (wet hosing), Fuel-as-a-service companies

  • Cardlocks and Fuel-Club locations

  • Private fuel locations

  • End Users such as on and off-road trucking and logistics companies

Product Segments

  • Gasoline

  • On-Road and Off-Road Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel

  • Heating Oil

  • Ethanol

  • BioDiesel

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