Electronic Wires


Selecting the right technology, that will work for your business, can be a daunting task. The speed at which technology changes is faster than most businesses are able or willing to move. The good news is that your business does not have to stay cutting-edge to keep relevant with customers. Improved business technology allows your customers to gain better access to you, your products, and your services.  


Sofus Technology Coaches take a different approach to improving business technology. Since our goal is to serve your needs, not sell you products, we can look holistically at the logistics of your entire technology setup. This includes networks, internet connection, servers, desktops, handhelds, cell phones, tablets, Wi-Fi, cloud storage, VOIP phones, and software to aid in interfacing all of your technology needs.

Phase 1:
Technology Audit

A Sofus Technology Coach will visit your business and discuss with you the scope of operations. What does your current technology do well for you? What does it not do that you want it to do? What does not work right or is a frustration and concern for the business? The audit will establish an executive summary of the role technology plays in your business, where you want it to improve, and what changes will help accomplish these goals. 

Phase 2: Technology Specification Report

After completing a “Technology Audit,” your Sofus Technology Coach will work with you to specify particular technology that will meet your needs and accomplish your goals. Your consultant will review various options and provide a final report outlining the scope of the project, potential vendors, and establish a realistic budget. A Request For Proposal (RFP), will be developed to send out to vendors. Your coach can help you select the best proposal and give guidance for coordinating an implementation schedule.

Phase 3: Technology Implementation

You have the plan, the budget, the individual technology, and the vendors have been selected, but how do you move forward? What is a realistic time schedule? Which vendor needs to start first, and how do you manage the installation of the entire project while still conducting business?  


Our Sofus Technology Coaches will manage the project for you and make sure the implementation occurs on time and within budget. We will work with the vendors, communicate with your staff, and manage the troubleshooting that is inherent with multi-vendor and multi-platform technology projects. Sofus implementation allows you to continue to run your business while we manage the technology projects for you.


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