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Keynotes, presentations, and conferences to truly teach people, teams, and organizations.

Tailored for the individual scope of the group or presentation, the audience will receive a custom message with individual and personal applications and take-aways. Brian uses a combination of lively interactive speaking and multimedia presentation to cover a variety of topics for  keynote, conference, panel, board, and executive / leadership team presentations.

Sample presentations are listed below. Call to discuss your group, conference, or situation specifically. 


How to Apply DISC Profiles to Your Personal & Professional Life

If you understand better where the other person is coming from, how they think and why they do what they do you will be better able to sell to them, serve them, listen to them, understand them and or love them.

The DISC profile system is a categorized understanding of how each person’s personality can be better understood.  We will discuss the 4 types of DISC personality profiles, how each is functions in a work environment and how as a leader you need to talk to, listen to, work with, lead, and live with each personality type.




Each one of us has a plan for success personally, professionally, socially, financially and spiritually.  Most of us plan to start off and continue to build momentum till we ultimately hit what we aim at or achieve what we consider to be the ideal situation.  


But what does it look like and what happens to us spiritually and emotionally when we don’t make a correct decision,  we don’t hit what we aim at or worse yet something happens to us outside of our control or our doing?


Most people’s life is not a steady climb upward of achieving our goals, it is an emotional and spiritual rollercoaster ride of highs and lows.  In this presentation, we will explore biblical and personal examples of how God uses these ups and downs to teach us, strengthen us, and show us he loves us.  

What is "my why" & how do I apply it?

Why do we do what we do? Why do customers choose us over the competition? Why do our team members choose to work for us? Why are we in the business we are in.

Based on the book “Start with Why” by Simon Sinek, it is important to understand your why and be able to communicate it.

In this presentation, we will explore the process of defining your why and how this can impact your business and personal life.

Adaptability for Performance & Leadership

Your  Adaptability Quotient (AQ) is the measure of how you adapt to changes in your environment and situation.   More than your intelligence (IQ) or level of emotional intelligence (EQ)  your ability to assess changing landscapes and situations is the defining factor in your ability to prosper.  The ability to leverage and improve how well you adapt works for each person individually as well as for any team or group you lead. 

PG Graph2 copy.png

This presentation can be formatted for a large group keynote or presentation and can be utilized as a company or team training.  Participants will establish a baseline on adaptability and how adaptable their base mindset is.  The bulk of the material will discuss the differences and the synergies between IQ and EQ as they relate to personal leadership and team performance.  The 7 factors that can improve adaptability and real-world applications will be used to help each participant personalize and utilize the information. The end of the presentation will bring it all together for tactical applications for short and long-term time frames in both personal performance and team leadership development.

performance leader.png

Marketing to the Alphabet

Boomers, GEN-X, GEN-Y, Millennials, Zillennials, GEN-Z, GEN A all of these monikers are potential customers. You must understand them to be able to sell to them. They process information, spend money, make decisions, and construct value equations completely differently.

If your business markets to all of them the same way you are missing out on revenue and not keeping pace in the markets.

Crude Reality

Petroleum is the backbone of the American economy. There is not a product or service that is not impacted by this energy source.  We will discuss the role energy plays in the US economy, where renewable energy and the electric car fits in.  We will look at the current crude and refining markets, the impact diesel and gasoline play on the average American and why “He with the best logistics wins."

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